From Time Magazine:

In reference to Travelers Tales’ Japan, “Readers will be equipped to plot a rewarding course through the bewitching cultural landscape that is Japan.”


From Publisher James O’Reilly with Solas House,  San Francisco:

I have known Amy for years as a friend, and  have had the good fortune of working with her professionally on four diverse book projects: Travelers’ Tales Japan, Travelers’ Tales Australia, TT The Gift of Birds, and TT A Woman’s Path.

Amy has brought to each project an extraordinary combination of intelligence, erudition, warmth and a sense of humor. She is a delight to work with and has a natural ability to collaborate. Our anthologies appear simple but are in fact complicated in the shaping, requiring enormous amounts of reading and conceptual integration. Amy took to the process effortlessly, quickly grasping both the mechanics and the philosophy behind our books.

She is an incredibly hard worker and a thoughtful, kind and funny co-worker to boot. I might add that besides being a good collaborator, she works exceptionally well on her own, i.e. she is a true “self-starter.” I would recommend her to anyone – but particularly to anyone who is working with the English language in any medium, books, magazines, newspapers, on-line publications, radio, or T.V.



And now for some fun ancient history:

From the editor of the Papers of Benjamin Franklin, William Wilcox, Yale University.1980.

Miss Amy Greimann was for some three months the administrative assistant and general factotum for this extensive editorial project. She had no prior experience to equip her for what is a complicated and confusing job, but she mastered the complexities in a remarkably short time and won the admiration of the staff for the competent way in which she ran the office and assisted in the editorial process. The quickness with which she learned new skills attests to her intelligence and assiduity, and I can recommend her with complete confidence.