Travelers Tales’ The Gift of Birds

“There are more people involved in birding in America than in any other recreational activity. This remarkable collection of avian encounters will appeal to the millions of bird lovers everywhere. Notable authors include: Louise Erdrich, Barry Lopez, Diane Ackerman, Terry Tempest Williams, and Peter Matthiessen.” –TT Website


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Guide takes birders on worldwide flights of fancy by Irene Wanner

Travelers’ Tales, founded in 1993, publishes travel, nature and spiritual writing. Its guidebooks are informative, and its adventure narratives engaging. Whether tips on how to travel solo, a country, city or regional guide, or this new anthology of bird anecdotes, I’ve found all the titles from this publishing house to be worthwhile, and an open doorway inviting further exploration. “The Gift of Birds,” for example, appends a brief bio to each entry, listing the author’s other works, and a recommended reading list at the end offers even more details.


Travelers Tales

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