Yessence Cards

Custom ‘Yessence Cards’ are created in a spirit of surprise and mystery. Unique connections spur us into new ideas. It is not ‘Nonsense’ to our brains, but ‘Yessence,’ saying a holy YES to the ESSENCE embodied in the unexplainable. Deep inside we make meaning from what seems like silliness, but really is quite profound. Give them time to soak in and let your imagination be free to make connections unimaginable. Remember, the Queen in Alice in Wonderland made it a practice to believe in seven impossible things before breakfast. Try it with your coffee!

If you like what you hear and would like a custom card designed for a certain person for a certain event, contact me via this web site and lets begin a conversation. I will need to know what the person loves to do and a bit about them before creation can begin. Thank you.


Amy Greimann Carlson

a.k.a. Dr. Foo


Just Because
Thank You