Avra Kedavra Kamp Kids’ Storytelling

A new exciting project for Dr, Foo: she will be taking a troupe of enchanted children to spin Aesop’s Fables on stage at Seattle’s Northwest Folklife Festival over Memorial Day Weekend. Our scheduled performance time is Saturday, May 28th,  3:30 – 4:20   in the Folklife Commons.

Until then, it’s pick out a fable that you LOVE (that’s mandatory) and practice, practice, practice it. We will meet in Faith Lutheran Church’s parish hall on the following dates at 4:00p.m. for an hour to hone our storytelling skills via face, gesture, verbal exercises. Here are the dates:

2/23/11     3/10/11     3/24/11      4/12/11      4/21/11      5/5/11      5/12/11     5/19/11      5/26/11

Please, please, please, if you can’t make it, call Dr. Foo so she doesn’t worry.

Northwest Folklife Festival

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