Announcing the One and Only Gabi Sheffield

Greetings, Kampers!

As you may have heard, Dr. Fu is flying to greener pastures for the summer (literally!). While she is

away, I have volunteered to step in as “Master of Summer Ceremonies,” so to speak. It’s a job I am very

much looking forward to doing with all of you. You should know, though, that, though I may be a new

Kamper, I do not divulge secrets, like the title of this summer’s book. You will have to wait, as usual.

The registration is up on the website. Stay tuned for more hints, messages and information. For now,

here are the dates for Kamps:

July 10-14: Co-ed, 8-10 year olds

July 17-21: Girls, 8-12 year olds

July 24-28: Boys, 8-12 year olds

Until we meet this summer, keep reading and writing!

Gabi Sheffield

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