Sara Lippert

For four or five years and with at least two granddaughters at a time, my car has beaten a path from Wenatchee to Dr. Fu’s special magic Kamp. Two girls come from California, and two from Black Diamond. If they all weren’t too old to attend, we’d still be driving up to Leavenworth every summer. They loved Kamp then and are still voracious readers. What an experience. -Happy Grandma Lippert

Amy Massey

Book Kamp has been a formative experience for my kids. It has given them confidence to write their thoughts on paper, given them challenges by delving into realms of monsters, Greek gods, princesses, pyrates, and their own ideas. We always plan our summers so not to miss Book Kamp. And all this cool learning and delving and challenging has been outrageously fun. Yeah for Dr. Fu and Book Camp. -Amy Massey, mom

Allison Gunter

Last year was our first year participating at camp and we feel so lucky to have discovered this treasure in the community.  Dr. Fu is creative, energetic, and upbeat–bringing out the best in the kids in a safe and positive environment.  Both my son and daughter counted their week at camp as an absolute summer highlight! They are already envisioning themselves as counselors some day so that they can participate for as many years as possible. –Allison Gunter, mom

Josie Brennan

This camp is superlative and supreme fun because Dr. Fu chooses superb books and it’s really, really fun. – kiddo 9 years old



Susan Wooldridge, workshop leader and author of Poem Crazy

I’ve watched Amy Carlson teach poetry with teenagers. She has both the gift of organization and wild creativity; practicality and spontaneous inventiveness. She will be a treasure in any environment where she is free to teach writing. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Children both love and respect her.


Heather Murphy -community member & artist

Dear Pat and Amy – I just wanted to take a moment to tell you both that over the last several months I’ve been hearing young kids and their parents all talking about the summer camp at the bookstore. They love it. Your combination of work is reaching the hearts and minds of our young ones, inspiring them to read and write and observe and have fun. I hear this, and I’m not even asking remotely about it, it just has come up in conversations so many times, It thought you would like to hear about it. So, GREAT JOB for our youth!