Be obscure, clearly.
-E. B. White
Take a look at Avra Kedavra Kamp!
Avra Kedavra Kamp

What has two legs, two arms, a brain, rolls around in verbs, pounces on poetry, and explodes with giggles? A language loony; a human child experiencing Avra Kedavra Kamp, a literary arts camp for 8-12 year old persons.

Avra Kedavra literally means, “I will create what I utter” in ancient Aramaic. As the wand of word power waves, reality comes into being. We make our own reality with our words, things poof into being with our tongues and pens.

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A.K.Kamp History

Avra Kedavra … and poof …. The idea of a Word Kamp came into being where kids could exercise this intentionality and wonder. The Kamp’s origins go back to A Book for All Seasons in Leavenworth, WA where owner, Pat Rutledge, started the first book camp in 2002. After seven years of hosting the camp, it came to an end at the bookstore. Pleasantly plagued by the pleading of many children in the community, Amy Carlson, a.k.a. Dr. Fu, former director of the

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Bear Run Antics trundled into being in 1995. Named after a game trail where many a bear lumbered in search of berries, the antics of this company include the search for literary berries picked from a variety of bushes – teaching , writing, editing. Please join the search.


Bear Run Antics

Amy G. Carlson

Curriculum Vitae

Avra Kedavra Kamp

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